LITTER x Jasmine Di Milo

We were lucky enough to be invited to collaborate with London based designer Jasmine Di Milo this past week for Paris Fashion Week. The collection was amazing and the Di Milo team were so much fun to work with. The real highlight of the trip was seeing Karl Lagerfeld!!!

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This is great. I love the tights! -xo

—Morgan-Ashley (Wed Mar 10 18:46:32 2010)

I am in love with the puzzle dress. It's so amazing!!! Lovely lovely lovely!

—Chloe Michele (Wed Mar 10 14:59:27 2010)

So exciting!

—Rock N Revolution (Wed Mar 10 14:55:45 2010)

wow! exciting

—miriam (Thu Mar 11 13:19:19 2010)

oh it looked great! congrats :) it out!

—Amelia (Thu Mar 11 00:57:49 2010)

can't wait..!

—Aydan (Thu Mar 11 13:55:37 2010)

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