Bad to the bone!

—The Style Revolution (Tue Mar 16 08:48:45 2010)

Congrats from Madrid, Spain!!!Great blog!

—Guada Mosshart X (Tue Mar 16 06:52:30 2010)

rock n roll!

—bravegrrl (Mon Mar 15 22:41:33 2010)

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—enterrement de vie de jeune fille (Tue Apr 6 16:47:55 2010)

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—Anonymous (Thu Mar 18 07:13:13 2010)

you girls rock. period.xxxt

—apparellel (Tue Mar 16 20:12:02 2010)

Awesome. My shoes will love wearing jewelry, lol.

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—Anonymous (Wed Apr 7 17:58:23 2010)

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