Revelation Couture


wonderful photos as usual!you're really unique! :))

—Aydan (Sun Mar 21 08:49:02 2010)

oh my! congrats, you look sooooooooooo beautiful!

—bravegrrl (Sun Mar 21 20:06:40 2010)

i LOVE those head pieces!!i have got to have them!! ahh you girls are so beautiful! and your glowing your going to have a beautiful baby!! xx

—Fashion Jump (Sun Mar 21 14:16:26 2010)

The blog is very nice and interesting!lovexoxo

—Valentina_s (Tue Mar 30 10:35:07 2010)

bun in the oven?

—Anonymous (Tue Mar 30 00:08:43 2010)

great photos

—katkas (Sun Mar 28 01:12:20 2010)

The head pieces are amazing <3

—STARR (Sun Apr 4 19:03:48 2010)

ah i just fall more and more in love with litter stunning and

—chloet (Sun Apr 4 04:14:46 2010)

holy sh*t – where have you been all my life.. AMAZING stuff.. where do i sign up!!

—feather in a storm (Sun Apr 18 23:52:42 2010)

I love love love the head pieces!

—Charlotte Palardis (Sun Apr 11 18:28:26 2010)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the headbands!!!

—Bey (Sun Apr 11 12:50:38 2010)

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—Anonymous (Mon Aug 30 09:41:56 2010)

congrats!!! i had no idea! <3

—alyssa (Tue Apr 20 10:07:26 2010)

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