Blogger Christina of SRC783 in LITTER. Love her blog!!


loving your pieces. talented girls XX

—Elso (Thu Apr 22 00:04:29 2010)

She's way hot..that's for sure!

—Rock N Revolution (Tue Apr 20 03:42:11 2010)

Lovely x

—Karolina (Sat Apr 24 09:55:12 2010)

awesome, btw diggin the header.

—n (Thu Apr 22 03:25:01 2010)

Those shoes spike spats are fierce!

—Anonymous (Wed Apr 28 02:15:15 2010)

glad you like the post ladies!check this out…an illustration of one of our shots!

—Risko (Mon Apr 26 18:20:05 2010)

Oh yeh just saw that! They look frikkin fabulous. When I get some money I'm gonna have to get some of these harness'. You guys are great.

—WildFlower (Sun Apr 25 03:11:42 2010)

I love this kind of boots, they look great with almost everything. These are really good photos.

—executive training (Mon Jun 7 01:06:05 2010)

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