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soooo amazing! i want one!gonna go check out the rest now…xo

—bravegrrl (Wed Apr 28 14:59:10 2010)

I really love the 4th head piece, It's so cute! I love what you girls are doing, It's very unique!-xo

—Morgan-Ashley (Wed Apr 28 14:12:20 2010)

beautiful x

—Karolina (Mon May 3 15:06:46 2010)

These are beautiful. LLGxx

—Liberty London Girl (Mon May 3 06:37:13 2010)

So pretty!

—Miann - Fashion Falsehood (Wed Apr 28 20:11:45 2010)

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—.sabo skirt. (Tue May 4 19:40:07 2010)

eeek, stop it. i sure am in love with these.

—Sabrieee (Tue May 4 00:30:47 2010)

awesome. I knew I was right letting my hair grow out – these just don't look as fab on short cut.

—pita bread (Thu Jun 3 04:33:09 2010)

Hi. I adore your pieces, but I´m from sweden. Is it possibly to buy it anyway?

—Sofia Flobrant (Thu May 6 15:24:42 2010)

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