What's your vendetta anonymous? – Invidivuality?

—Hater Police (Tue May 18 14:29:47 2010)

salem witch japanese gothic? get a life.

—Anonymous (Tue May 18 13:38:28 2010)

I love how she reps Cali girls, walking the walk and talking the talk. She promoted Helmuts too, go Rachel. Awesome feature.

—Cuhsandra (Mon May 17 15:58:07 2010)


—Grammar Police (Wed May 19 16:55:32 2010)

Nice one Rach! You've always had it, keep going! I think every time we've gone out you got the question: "where is THAT from?!" I miss your crazy answers. Come help me shop in NYC! xo

—Giselle (Wed May 19 16:03:27 2010)

haha. yup.

—rle (Wed May 19 15:24:51 2010)

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