Meet Andi

This is Andi. Isn't she gorgeous? We got her to show off our newest pieces which will be up on the site soon. As you can tell... this summer we are obsessed with fringe from head to toe. Keep an eye out for these one of a kinds and more of Andi.

Jumpsuit: Jasmine Di Milo
Shorts and Sheer Top: Vintage
Black fringe earrings, headpiece, and gunmetal calf pieces: LITTER

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i've found myself rather startled at the close likeness of most of your pieces to things i've made in the past (no one had seen them) but this concept's something i'd not considered. which is usually a pretty good thing. interesting.

—bixx (Thu Jun 3 21:19:18 2010)

Can't wait to see more! She's beautiful and so are your creations

—Mariel (Thu Jun 3 21:37:46 2010)

omg I love that head pieceeee!!!!!! so friggn cool. and beautiful.xxV

—thehautepursuit (Thu Jun 3 21:27:22 2010)

beautiful xo

—Anonymous (Thu Jun 3 21:25:02 2010)

im the luckiest man in the world- these pieces and the model are without a doubt stunningly beautiful and unique. i love you andi girl. so greatful to be next to you now!!

—Fletcher (Fri Jun 4 16:23:15 2010)

You guys freaking kill me. You've got such incredible talent.

—Rain (Fri Jun 4 11:49:46 2010)

She seems to be perfect for showing your pieces, got that unique beauty about her.

—miami mansion rentals (Fri Jun 4 08:23:47 2010)

get it.

—Rachel Lena Esterline (Tue Jun 8 00:52:35 2010)

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