LIndsay Lohan loves LITTER!!

Check out how hot Lindsay looks in our loop chain garter!


fuck ya!

—Anonymous (Fri Jun 18 13:25:54 2010)

Awesome!! Hehe bet it goes well with her SCRAM bracelet too ;)KeepItFvncy,M.E.

—Michelle Elaine (Fri Jun 18 13:15:35 2010)

you should make a piece to go over her ankle

—Anonymous (Fri Jun 18 18:30:48 2010)

She's been looking like slop for the past 4 years or so, but this looks really good on her (or anyone for that matter!)`

—Hal (Fri Jun 18 16:34:02 2010)

Nice work girls. The sky is the limit. Keep working hard

—Kim (Sat Jun 19 16:15:14 2010)

great feature guys! ♥ it looks pretty good

—number the first (Sat Jun 19 15:29:25 2010)

Of course!

—Guada Mosshart X (Sat Jun 19 09:34:25 2010)

worlds biggest train wreck seen wearing litter.

—Anonymous (Fri Aug 6 09:54:23 2010)

love the garter, not so much lindsay

—Royal (Thu Jul 1 22:25:18 2010)

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