I want a sword umbrella


Bad ass umbrellas! where do I get one?

—Jacob (Tue Jun 22 16:14:39 2010)

I want one of those umbrellas too!Where are they from?

—2 Hounds Design (Tue Jun 22 19:17:30 2010)

Love the shoes!VISIT,COMMENT,FOLLOW:http://artemisandhermusings.blogspot.com/

—Artemis (Tue Jun 22 18:01:21 2010)

Who's the designer of those umbrellas?

—heleen (Mon Jul 5 01:36:28 2010)

Me too, and those DSquared shoes too obvs.HALCOHOLIC.com

—Hal (Wed Jun 23 08:05:55 2010)

Wow those umbrellas are super awesome!!VCPlease Visit & JoinWWW.DONLIKEFASHION.TK

—DON LIKE FASHION (Wed Aug 4 03:55:54 2010)

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