New Leg Chains

The new leg garters are now in stock! WWW.LITTERSF.COM
Lately I have been wearing matching chain garters on each leg to create the look of sexy chain shorts under my shorts or skirt. Pictures coming soon.

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these is awesome

— (Thu Jun 24 07:06:08 2010)

that was hot accessories>>:))

—iamronel (Thu Jun 24 07:05:07 2010)

Wow absolutely amazing! x FS Style

—FS Style (Mon Aug 30 17:58:05 2010)

great idea

—chase (Thu Jun 24 09:08:01 2010)

so amazing. I would love to see a full, mesh, mini-skirt sort of thing, to contrast with a short skirt/dress, much like in the way you are seeing lacy slips these days.

—Annie (Wed Sep 8 16:34:06 2010)

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