kind of surreal, isnt it?but cool

—Guada Mosshart X (Mon Sep 6 09:17:18 2010)

we should collaborate! http://blushingambition.blogspot.com/

—Anonymous (Sun Sep 5 14:07:36 2010)

kawaiiiiiiiiiiilove that baggie…taking a break as i prepare the body for round 2 of baby making.x

—ariana (Fri Sep 3 21:11:45 2010)

Love ithttp://heavywords-lightlythrown.blogspot.com/

—Chloe (Wed Sep 8 16:32:37 2010)

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—Snob fashion (Tue Sep 7 18:47:01 2010)

Is that… moss?

—FFFUUUU (Wed Sep 15 13:44:19 2010)

Ha this MJ bag combines the best of both worlds, does it not? hilarious

—A (Sun Sep 12 08:25:48 2010)

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