I fucking love it. Mackenzie was so right, forget Litter and The Swan. Litter and The City. Fabulous, sweet and straight forward.

—Cuhsandra (Wed Nov 10 14:56:36 2010)

amazing video… very inspirational… you guys rock!!

—sammi burley (chase.dakota) (Thu Nov 11 23:34:16 2010)

I think you are all genius. Love your blog, love your designs. I think I might be asking Santa for a Litter original for Christmas. Keep it up!

—Antoinette (Thu Nov 11 07:17:03 2010)

Beautiful video you guys, you are truly an inspiration :)

—Anonymous (Tue Nov 23 07:29:25 2010)


—Dreamt On (Sat Nov 13 17:27:13 2010)

wow…thanks for this peek into your world.i discovered LITTER a little while ago, & absolutely LOVE it!!

—simplyolive (Sat Nov 13 08:34:27 2010)

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