We Are Back

We are back from Mexico and wedding was AMAZING, the best day of my life!
More photos and details from my big day and the entire trip coming soon..


i love how simple your dress is… it looks gorgeouswww.chasedakota.blogspot.com

—sammi burley (chase.dakota) (Wed Nov 10 21:35:35 2010)

Oh my god! You all look divine! Understated perfection! Congratulations xwww.babyanything.blogspot.com

—babyanything (Mon Nov 15 04:00:02 2010)

Sooo beautiful! Congratulations! You girls look divine! I just got back from my wedding in Bali, we must have almost got married at the same time, I'll post some pics on my blog soon. Can't wait to see more pics. x

—Oracle Fox (Thu Nov 11 17:16:19 2010)

Congrats beautiful!!! You all looked beautiful. Je vous souhaite le meilleur.

—Ebene (Thu Nov 11 14:30:00 2010)

Ah I love these pics, they're beautiful, you guys all look beautiful!Getting a lovely summer feeling by seeing these, wich is great!♥

—Jan (Sun Dec 12 02:40:16 2010)

Aww lovely photos and I love the style of the outfits.

—Sherrie Cola (Wed Dec 8 07:21:06 2010)

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—Anonymous (Fri Nov 26 18:20:26 2010)

What brand is that light blue(?) dress?? (not the one in the wedding picture) in the photo shot from behind with the guy in it- I love the back, I wonder if the front is as gorgeous.

—gypsy. (Mon Jan 10 20:59:09 2011)

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