Good afternoon ladeis! I love this blog!! I am celebrating my 1 year anniversary tomorrow (September 21st). I LOVE LOVE LOVE PD. I do get a little bummed when I spend so much time (as I did this weekend) for my Open House renewal and ONE (1) person came. I mailed out 60 invitations, invited 187 on facebook, passed out 250 door to door invitations and ONE person showed up. I am VERY thankful for the the out of town catalog party and two outside orders I received. It just barely made enough to be considered a party. These last few months have been a little harder for me to get bookings but I’m going to take the advice that I have read on this blog and the other blog. Thank you so much for this blog. I LOVE LOVE LOVE PD!! Oh, and did I say how much I LOVE PD and for all it stands for!!!!!

—Danilo (Sat May 19 20:01:51 2012)

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