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just saw u on ‘shark tank’ GOOD LUCK-FAB IDEAS

—glenda (Sat May 5 18:04:00 2012)

Hi im a freshmen in high school and i was watching one of my favorite shows shark tank and i think what you guys came up with was an extreamly great idea and there extreamly beautiful and i would love to buy your product but its way to expencive i just wanted to bring it to your attion that i went through my school asking how many people liked your product and everyone said they loved it and it was super cool then i showed them the price and they said that they would never buy anything that expencive so i think you might be loosing people bc of the price I love you guys but im sorry i just dont have enough money to suport your company thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this message Thanks again From, Emily Piazza

—Emily Piazza (Sat May 5 18:20:47 2012)

Just saw you on shark tank and had to check it out…LOVE it! I am a los angeles stylist and need some of your body jewelry for photo shoots! xo Lisa

—Lisa (Sat May 5 21:02:07 2012)

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