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We created an entirely custom collection of jewelry to be paired with the looks for this season.

Anklets, leg chains, body chains, and head jewelry.

See Press section to read reviews on the collection. 

CHRISTIAN COTA NY Fashion Week SS 10' Collection

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For this collection we created several custom pieces to compliment the looks of this season.

Pieces included head jewelry and woven chain shirts.

JASMINE DI MILO Paris Fashion Week AW 10' Collection

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LITTER collaborated with Sass by Selita for Rip the Runway on BET. 

Selita EBanks: LITTER for SASS

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LITTER Yourself: Step-by-step

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LITTER \\ Summer Sessions

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Kelly Clarkson wearing LITTER Fringe Thumb Bracelets during her MMVA Performance


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"Drugstore Cowboy" headpiece featured on Nicole Richie's blog.


Nicole Richie

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Inspired Magazine names "LITTERSF.COM" one of the top online stores on Shopify.


Inspired Magazine

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Juliet Simms on NBC's The Voice

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Interview Magazine

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Profile on LITTER, October 2011

Swedish newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad

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Gold Wedding Headpiece, InStyle Germany July 2011

InStyle Germany

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944 Magazine excerpt

944 Magazine, February 2009

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7x7 Magazine screenshot

Headpieces on Heather’s List for 7x7 Magazine, March 13 2009

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FabSugar screenshot

Shoe Jewelry on FabSugar, March 23 2009

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Urban Outfitters screenshots

Body and shoe jewelry in the Urban Outfitters blog, April 29 & June 8 2009

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style.com screenshot

Style.com for NYFW, September 2009

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Lauren Santo Domingo rocking LITTER

Lauren Santo Domingo of Vogue in a custom chain garter, September 2009

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Glitterati Magazine scans

Assorted body jewelry in Glitterati Magazine, July 2009

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Walk the Plank Shoe Jewelry on FashionToast and LeFlassh blogs

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Tyra.com screenshot
Tyra.com Designer Spotlight

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Harpers Bazaar excerpt #1 Harpers Bazaar excerpt #2
Shoulder Pieces, Shoe Jewelry, and Body Harness on Lucy Liu in Harper’s Bazaar Maylasia

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7x7 Magazine excerpt
Hot 20 Under 40 for 7x7 Magazine, October 2009

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Chain Suspenders in the Zoe Report, October 28 2009

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Assorted Shoe Jewelry in Elle Magazine, July 2009

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Feather Earcuff in Teen Vogue

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Vogue UK screenshot
Brass Shoulder Piece on Vogue UK

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Lindsay Lohan wearing the Loop Chain Garter, Summer 2010

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Screengrab #1 from The Today Show with Bobbie Thomas Screengrab #2 from The Today Show with Bobbie Thomas
The Today Show with Bobbie Thomas

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Widlfox Couture Fall 2010 Lookbook excerpt 1 Widlfox Couture Fall 2010 Lookbook excerpt 2 Widlfox Couture Fall 2010 Lookbook excerpt 3
Wildfox Couture Lookbook Fall 2010 features an assortment of pieces

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California Home + Design Magazine excerpt
Brass Shoulder Piece in California Home + Design Magazine, October 2010

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Featured in United States of Style - Nylon Magazine

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Pantene Advertorial
Shay Mitchell in a Machine Chain Shoulder Piece for Pantene, January 2011

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YESYESYES Magazine Exceprt

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San Francisco Magazine article excerpt 1 San Francisco Magazine article excerpt 2 San Francisco Magazine article excerpt 3
San Francisco Magazine March 2011 - I Candy Featured Bloggers

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Chain Beards in Asterisk Magazine

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Vaness Hudgens rocking the garter
Vanessa Hudgens in the Christo Chain Garter at Coachella 2011

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This is Litter

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