"Drugstore Cowboy" headpiece featured on Nicole Richie's blog.


Nicole Richie

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Inspired Magazine names "LITTERSF.COM" one of the top online stores on Shopify.


Inspired Magazine

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FabSugar screenshot

Shoe Jewelry on FabSugar, March 23 2009

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Urban Outfitters screenshots

Body and shoe jewelry in the Urban Outfitters blog, April 29 & June 8 2009

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style.com screenshot

Style.com for NYFW, September 2009

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Walk the Plank Shoe Jewelry on FashionToast and LeFlassh blogs

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Tyra.com screenshot
Tyra.com Designer Spotlight

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Chain Suspenders in the Zoe Report, October 28 2009

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Vogue UK screenshot
Brass Shoulder Piece on Vogue UK

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